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Still in the same place and...
even when you didn’t want!
I live the universe of your beautiful smile
Many years have gone now and you didn’t know that,
I stayed in the unique moment of our life.

Wrinkles on the sadness of my face,
empty my hands!
White clouds on my head,
crying in one line!
The night that we didn’t have,
cold steps of our lands--
We said goodbye;
oh my soul frozed confined!
I lost you in the cold rain
when breath denude track!
I looked for you beyond every single night!
I needed your words to survive and...
you were not back!
Solitude of my heart flying behind the sky!
I gave you all my love,
my heaven and hell living fast!
You dropped both my hands to let me go by...
We missed then our chance; love came from the past.
Big mistake to let this our secret world die!
My life didn’t have any sense and the pain forever last!
I’m old and lost, would someone ever shine?
I’m passing away, forbidden name now sealing my heart...


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Publicado el: 14-06-2003
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