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The unknown Sound

Hide the sun,
turn the light off!
Empty the wide sea,
kill the fire!
Your eyes in me blind.
I′m so tired!
Hold the water on my heart
and run off!
Seal the cleavage
that grows and sees!
All my tears
overflowing my speed!
It is so difficult
to slowly survive!
Breaking our souls
with a cold knife!
Promise me
that rainbow and sit down!
Lift those heavy dreams
high and up!
Touch the open sky
and just back up!
Now breathe in.
I′ve turned into a clown!
Paint of stars
my lonely face with pride!
Oh draw a path
where my horse could ride!
Awkward my smile
dancing upside down!
My voice,
in the silence
the unknown sound!


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Publicado el: 30-06-2003
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