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Tonite a friend called happiness, brought love where Master sat.
A touch of warmth, so closely pressed, she placed her girlish lap.
Embrace of arms she brought around , evoked with whisper blown.
Soft breath of life, she gently blew, hot words of passion known

Tonite my girl did come again, she launched her soul in dance
And pleased so well, closed eyes that watched, with blink not left to chance.
With music′s urge in sweet heard sound, she took my roughened hand
And placed soft press, in tender kiss, with tongue to lick, astound

This lovely girl, with care but one, a Master′s pride begun
And though she dances far away, the image saved was run
For when unseen no vision fades, through wax and wane of tides
With love′s enduring thought each day, No matter where she lies.


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Publicado el: 17-12-2003
Última modificación: 29-12-2003

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