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It*s cold shaft pierced into the heart
As frosty lips sent ice to fly
To speak of hurt and disapointment
And cause a careing man to cry

Those times when flood of thoughts delivered
As jumbled rushing facts flowed forth
Too many ways encourage isolation
So few days to feel one*s worth

What caused calm sea to swell in anger
To blow it*s deafening spells on end
To push sails toward such twisting turmoil
With heated gale and tortured wind

The maddened flight of sounds explosion
Has left it scars and shattered will
Left no relief for anxious moments
Caused lonely days to seldom fill

With saddened breath in still of evening
This bitter taste still pressed to mine
For once love and trust has fled together
All that*s left, is waste of time


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Publicado el: 09-09-2002
Última modificación: 15-09-2002

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