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Just tell me why

I had told myself that
I would never ask anything from you again,
the last time I did,
you gave me exactly what I asked for.
You knew I would get hurt,
you knew I would shed many tears.
Why if knowing that loving him would
hurt me so much did you allow me to?
It′s been several years,
I still haven′t forgotten him.
Isn′t time suppossed to heal everything?

Never again have I asked you for love...
Have you even notice how lonely I′ve been?
Do you realize how hard it was to see him go?
Tell me God, if he was one of yours
why did you let me fall in love?
My friends tell me it was best
to loose him to you than anyone else...
Is it really so?

Our relationship has suffered a great deal...
I miss the way you conforted me.
I swore I would not cry again,
and being as stubborn as I am...I haven′t.
The tears have been swallowed, it hurts.
I would feel less lonely if only
I knew you were here.
We used to have a connection
or at least I thought we did.
People say that you′re there
if we open our heart.
Is that why you allowed my heart to be broken?
Did you think it would make me a better person?


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Publicado el: 18-10-2002
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