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Every Time

If every time that you walked in
A smile showed on my face
And every time I smelled your hair
I was taken to another place

If every time I heard your voice
My chest felt full inside
And every time you smiled at me
I felt so full of pride

If every time I thought of you
My tummy twisted tight
And every time I dreamed of you
It woke me in the night

If every time just your laugh
To me was worth more than gold
And every time I went to bed
I wanted you to hold

If every time I met someone
I always compared them to you
And every time that I did
It was you I wanted to pursue

If every time I did these things
I would wonder if it was true
And every time that I did
I knew it meant I truely loved you


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Publicado el: 01-11-2002
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