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Longing to forget

I used to think that forgetting required a special formula I was oblivious to.
That destiny had manage to keep me in ignorance and that is why I still loved you.

If only I could forget you.
If only you were gone from my mind,
then my life would put itself back together.
Yet, that time never came...
I have waited for so long, I′ve wished with all my heart, but nothing.
Whether I could ever forget you, I don′t know.
I′ve tried but gotten nowhere.

If my destiny is liked to yours I might never know.
Maybe in another life I′ll have a clearer understanding of why.

My memories are far too great, that without them I′d feel lost.
My love so vast that it does not require your acknowledgement.
To forget...

Forgetting you would allow me to begin all over.
I would stop building you up, I would love again.
Yet, forgetting is the end, it′s death.
To forget you would kill my love, would undermine my happiness shared with you.
To forget...


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Publicado el: 15-11-2002
Última modificación: 19-11-2002

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