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Any Other Day

. I didnt really mind that you forgot to call
. What bothered me the most is when you didnt come home at all
. Do you know what its like
. To sit and wait the whole night through
· Worrying and hoping
· That nothing has happened to you?
· Just for you to come home and pretend that everything is ok
· That the day was just like
· Any other day
· But its not
· My love for you was lost
· When you forgot where home was
· Just like any other day

· I set the table for four
· And sat and watched the door
· Daddys working late
· Now finish up your plate
· Well go and watch TV
· You can play with me
· Yes, the drawing that you made him
· I will show it to him again
· And then Ill tell him what he missed
· In just your goodnight kiss
· When he forgot where home was
· Just like any other day

· You question me
· Its plain to see
· This is a normal way of life for you
· For what you put us through
· You have no clue
· You take everything for granted
· You want it all for you
· To be handed
· But in love its push and pull
· Its not so cruel
· Your loves not true
· Thats why were leaving you
· When you forget where home is
· Just like any other day


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Publicado el: 17-12-2002
Última modificación: 30-07-2003

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