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Though not often unfamiliar
As a tear fresh in my eye
That I brush the same sensation
No time left to tell him why

Like a storm the fear does shake me
Chilling winds now turn me blue
Wonder why I never told him
If I stop to think it thru

He gave me safe surroundings
Then with caution he did say
Achieve all of what your wanting
Where there*s will there*s always way

With stern words he*d used describing
Exchange emphatic sometimes had
And though lessons were not easy
Instilled thoughts not once made sad

You see, the tools he used so wisely
Were of a gentleman I*d barely known
And what his son had learned from father
Lessons from which that I*d been shown

So thanks dad, for this brite future
My heart does shine the many ways
And so holds tight those thoughts inside me
For a Father*s love still guides my days.


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Publicado el: 06-08-2001
Última modificación: 08-09-2003

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