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One by one the stream of hours, slip past the slit of narrow neck
The pace and path determined, as it makes the steady trek
The glass of life measured, as sands pour through each
A pound or two or twenty, in years or seconds reached

Each have a measure, some short, or some the most
And whats done in treasured moments, are the kind of which to boast
Some will easily waste a lifetime, and with it, nothing much to show
And some will share a moment, and it*s in this I wish you know

I often choke and stammer and trip on words I wish you know
Asked a friend more than willing, to paint in softest words and gentle flow
For in the time you give so freely, with not one harsh complaint and such
With open heart surrendered completely and with great courage did tenderly touch

My love and heart are yours completely, for with your friendship inside I*ve grown
In seeing calm strength and peace from knowing, such courage I′m glad in witness known
And know kind future awaits tomorrow, in peace of mind that*s hard to hide
And knowing an eternity of love awaits you, with smiling angels on each and every side


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Publicado el: 26-05-2003
Última modificación: 25-07-2003

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