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I′m here, face to face. Death!
Dirty hands, a hole in the sand.
You there holding my time. Beg!
No more food, any more roots--
Cutting my eyes, repeating my price!

My voice, a knife melting in the night.
My name, the shame, swimming as you like.

Don′t push me! Red and fire!
Don′t let me drop till death--
Dancing horses in my mind . . .
Where was I all this time?

Don′t leave me day or night;
I will be in your sight!
You′re power, heavy rain
On my back, just like pain!
My way wasn′t your way,
But your voice called my door.

Your love in my train.
Morning after day. . . .
I want to start again!


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Publicado el: 14-06-2003
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