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Walking along the path
I could see your face!
Why did I choose to come,
is it my disgrace?

My fingers are tight
and my heart make bubbles!
Long words of my own soul,
I know my trouble!

You slap on my shoulders.
I’m so down again!
It’s heavy and hurts,
rain of a lame shame!

My mouth fed with the darkest
My veins made of angry sea,
without any lust!

I didn’t have a mother;
did I come from hell?
You, so white and pure,
the pearl of a shell!

I didn’t know my father,
is it him to blame?
Doubts that kept me sick,
digging so my brain!

I never looked your eyes
so high far from me!
neither washed your hands
the only reason I didn′tgive!

Still you smile with utter love and tenderness!
I didn’t speak your language. No,
I cared less!

Me, so black and wrong,
the worst of the pains!
Hurting because I was hurt.
My mind so insane!

Yet I put your knife
on my hands with pride!
So that every one would know,
I could ride!

Laughing while bleeding,
keeping me so smooth!
My revenge: Eye for an eye
and tooth for tooth!

I grabbed your heart
and squeezed it with
I drank the blood
and felt sick on your

So long the time between my bars, and for me you melt!
So deep the hole where I tried to hide
this head!

Chains on both wrists
pulling out my dull
I felt absolute,
vindicating such a sarcastic

I used to be a cry
in the middle of an even
That piece of debris
that no one would ever
I just wanted right the same
for every single
Scared I shouted to you
provoking your sole
Yet your love forgave me
and I′m blessed!
And so my soul fiercely soothed
and deep caressed!
Hanging my tears from your face,
such a nice relief!
From my hell to heaven
now I can forget my grief!


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Publicado el: 24-06-2003
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