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Poetic Gecko

Melancholy of my poems
I’m crossing my heart
like waves searching
for those hidden lands
my spirit after your shadow
forever hangs
The Poem of my life
has finished so hard
Your eyes set the fire
near my southern pole
below the Bear no life
because dark is cold
Oh the sun is distant
and therefor weaker
frozen parts urging
greater heat to melt me
my ever visible circle
shaking you quicker
earthquake of my soul
on this vertical sea
your hands without touching
any poetic lace
developed the power
of my inner thoughts
liberating my heart
from slavery to face
Just because you
I wrote in verse the cause
that by loving you
and loving me brought
the real and the best
of all the worlds!
But far from my heaven
you ought to grow!
So now the poet dies
to its own entire fault!
Miserable gecko
ironically born to crawl!


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Publicado el: 30-06-2003
Última modificación: 30-06-2003

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