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I stayed loving you!

I write to you, I write.
The lines on the paper
Are playing games,
I can see your name.
I think of you, I think.
I imagine your smile
kissing my days,
I miss you again.
I stop my heart, I stop.
I haunt the vessel
that broke it in two,
that was you.
I explain my pain, I explain.
Bleeding my soul,
Made for you.
Oh! You broke it too.
I forgive you. I forgive.
And I bless the day I found you.
For those in which I was happy too.
I′m passing away.
I will die.
My hair is white
And yours is gone.
In the silence
the path is long
I stayed loving you
And I know
In a way you did too.


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Publicado el: 01-07-2003
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