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This is so sad!

Oh! How it hurt
When I said goodbye!
And let you walk away;
I guess I had to think of
What is best for you,
And not just for me.

The biggest pain,
In my chest breathing fire.
I no longer know what
I′m going to do with this love;
How I′m going to hide my dreams?
You, the sweetest feeling I ever had.
You changed my life forever
And this is the saddest poem
I ever wrote.

Oh! That night that never
To our life arrived!
With your heart
I will go trough this world,
Trying to understand
How destiny plays so dark,
Giving us what we will never have,
Making us weak and fragile.

I long for you and
I will forever love you!
This big hole that grows in me!
I can′t even make this right,
No rhyme!
No special words to decorate,
But my love for you
Was pure and white,
Even when it arrived
In the middle of our lives.
I will forever love you!


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Publicado el: 02-07-2003
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