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Happy for what you smile!

Such a long time since I last see you!
My dear memory, the greatest joy!
Your letters tell me you are happy too.
Just like I describe the light
When I write to you about my life!

And the truth is I miss your soul,
That embraced mine with warmth!
I miss your company and your words,
Words living in my heaven across!

My lips could never heal the pain,
For missing the kisses that I never had!
Yours with a smile in the darkest night,
Lighting my silence of utter love denied!

If I would have met you before!
If just the time would have stopped!
Erasing my reality in order to free,
My soul from slavery and to let me be

I love your soul I adore your eyes!
You never knew you are my pride!
But I have to forget my own lines,
And be happy for what you smile!


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Publicado el: 06-07-2003
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