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Despite other kisses...

Despite other kisses
I search for you in my soul!
The heath without peace
Threw it away in the pond!
Where the forbidden dreams
Die, as they loudly scream!
With slowly steps; torture!
Shivering as they lecture!

The wind shouts your name!
Sleeping without power;
Kissing the flower;
That one growing in my chest!
My heart sadly crosses,
oceans of scarlet roses;
to find always empty the nest!
The length of my heart,
Aching for being apart!
The most solitaire train,
between my tears and the rain!

I would like so much to tell you,
That I love you so and
beyond this twisting Time,
this conventional World
turning the Lines;
And there is nothing,
On my fisted hands.
Nothing I can do!
To change for you
the colours of my lands!

Our dance of passion;
Your arms holding me tight!
My breath in erosion,
Of love constraint and the light,
The truth, my silence fights!
Because you are so big in your heart,
You are so sweet in your soul!
This life has opened the scars!
And bleeding my loneliness far,
I’ve got to accept it,
you are not mine!
I’ve got to silence it,
Despite driving me insane!


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Publicado el: 06-07-2003
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