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come and feel the pain...

Come and feel the pain
You don’t want to feel
I sit on the darkness
My language is insane
I just wanted love
All my life in my veins

I gave up my soul
Mistake that drains
I’m scared to death
‘Cause I lost my faith
I scream in silence
You are so far away!

All my dreams fading
All my lights dousing
You are made of clay
You are just my pray
I have been in love
Travelling all along
To find that place inside me
That holds my pain
To touch my soul
With essence that pours

Every room is empty
Every day is tragic
What went wrong?
My mind or my heart
Who feeds the holes?
There was a game
Just one player came

You don’t want know
The reason of my death
Maybe my hands, maybe the rain
And I loved you and still do
You never did and still you push
The lines on my face
That your smile never traced!
Come and feel the pain
You don’t want to feel!


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Publicado el: 14-07-2003
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