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It was a cold December night
When my world changed forever,
A profound pain came to my heart
The night my beloved went to heaven.

I sat next to him and held his hand,
And pray to God to let him live,
He is a good man, an honest man
Please God, please...don′t take him.

But it was time to end his journey
From this world he loved so much.
Now I′m alone, for his love longing,
But, with his soul I keep in touch.

When I′m confused and help I need
I find myself, as in the past...
Asking my love for that advise
He used to give me when I asked.

Now I know why he left first...
He went ahead in preparation
To ensure a place for me at his side
He went to heaven to make my reservation.

Ana Oleson

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Publicado el: 09-08-2003
Última modificación: 09-08-2003

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