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I rumble,
I cry,
I laugh.

I hear the laughter of the birds and
listen to the silence of the wind.
I think.

I walk the old and used roads.
I smile.

At night, I come back.
I come back home,
to the solitude and
to the silence.

I think,
This time about you,
then I cry.

I talk,
sometimes to myself,
sometimes to God.
I suffer.

I review on my mind
images, pictures,

I sleep.

I dream about you, and for a brief
I am happy.
I rest contently, protected,

I wake up,
and I know you are not here.
I would cry,
but I have no tears left,
so I live,
without you,
knowing that you are not here,
And that you won´t come back.

I cry again,
this time in the inside.
(I miss you)
then I understand
the reason of these verses.


Glenda Munguia

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Publicado el: 13-01-2004
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