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With you, I learned to be happy,
I learned to laugh,
to dream.

Now I must learn that nothing
lasts forever.
Now I must learn to lose you,
to learn to cry with the eyes of the soul,
as the ones from the body are not enough.

You taught me how to be happy.
now I learn to live in the past,
so I don´t forget the lesson,
so I don´t learn how to forget you.

It´s been such a short time since you left,
and it´s been so many things the ones I´ve learned.

I learned that not every word is
that hate and love
are the same thing.
So you cannot hate me without loving me.

I learned,
that the hand that gives the rose,
is the same one that stabs,
that the same mouth that kisses,

I want to learn to love you in a new way:
When you are not here.
To learn to love you, despite not seeing you,not touching you.

To Learn to love you in your absence.
To Learn to kiss you
only at night, only in my dreams.
To learn to say good morning to your memory.

To learn to hug you without having your body.

To learn to love you without having you.

Glenda Munguia

Copyright © Todos los derechos reservados.

Publicado el: 21-01-2004
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