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Missing you

When one travels,
from one place to another,
whether it´s our choice or not,
one always misses something.

From my life before meeting you,
I miss my books, my notes,
my lyrics, my music.

From my life after meeting you,
I miss you.
You are just missing in my life.

I know there is no way for me to get
all of my books, notes, music and
lyrics back. I might find some similar ones,

In the same way,
I know there is no way I can get you back,
and unlike my books, notes,
lyrics and music, there is no one similar to you,
you are this unique.

So here I go, traveling from one place to another,
missing something very valuable
from my life inventory.

Here I go missing you.


Glenda Munguia

Copyright © Todos los derechos reservados.

Publicado el: 06-02-2004
Última modificación: 00-00-0000

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