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(continued from part one)

And now, I lay before the twilight. I close my eyes and find myself in the comfort of your arms. Your voice, your laugh, I sometimes hear so clearly. Oh to have known earlier how to live without you. It had become easy for me to forget the pain at last. The memories you gave me had worn thin my hate. You were with me again. Although I never realized just when my bitterness had left, I was glad to be with you. Like an angel borne out of necessity the visits would come again and again. I was tranquil once more. Had I been able to piece together my broken heart and find the calm while sleeping. Perhaps the visiting figure of an angel in my sleep was you. I now can spring to smile when I remember how tenderly it took me away from the pain. I could remember you. The hate has left me. Perhaps only an angel could illuminate my soul, and finally deliver me my hope and happiness.

I no longer have to dream, to be with you. Your love is now a part of me. I had survived only because of the intensity you showed me. There is to be no half way if one is to love. You showed this blind man how to see. The little ways how you would handle a crisis would play over in my mind and were now a part of me. I find that patience has become intertwined as well. It now seems daily I would return to the images of our fun of an afternoon doing nothing and doing everything. The feelings were indeed back. The tears have left and the anger had subsided. How could I of believed to hold you responsible for my happiness. But I owe you so much more. I realize you were showing me not only your zest for life but how to live it. To approach life as if there were no tomorrow. Cause who needs tomorrow when you have today. When one wishes to know when love will end, and not that it will last forever, has never loved. I am happy again. I now know it is not what you hope for tomorrow but what you cherish today. I had to lose it all, before i could see. With your kind and knowing tenderness you\'ve showed me not only what was missing but how to live life. Before me lay now a heart on fire, determined to eradicate this passive existence, reach out and join life today. And I was free to feel today. I know that I have loved, and am loving now. I still see you at the chalkboard opening my eyes with your wisdom. *This next lesson you have to learn on your own. I*ve done my best to prepare you. I gave you a love that surpassed everything. Now you must choose what lies next.* She had reached into my world and touched me again. I feel the trek of a solitary tear race across my face to greet a the corner of my smile. It was magnificent. And just as clearly I could hear another phrase, this time much more familiar it would play. It would echo within my mind as the days light would fade into the darkness, like we used to greet the night together. *See you in the morning.* And I was able to drift peacefully into the solitude. And I was happy.


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