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The whirring sound of imagination reels again the fragile line of time around my
thoughts. I whirl to the spinning tempo within. The turning twisting tornado of
her most wanton wishes, unleashed upon my frame to take form within the
ravaged range of her complex and compelling cravings. I have no strength
to resist this time. Surely I will be engulfed. Swept away by her insistent
allure of mystical motion. With all restraint and inhibition spilling
out of me as I twist in undefined unraveling. Her skillful intent
sucking on every sensitivity. I hold one sight fixed on her
beauty while her hypnotic charm withdraws
me from conscience. My vision blurred in
her wild insatiable rush toward frenzy.
My mind dizzy from disbelief. My
sense of direction lost as is any hope of
normalcy. I am helpless in this convolution
of spiraling emotional release. Like the trip
thru the rabbit hole. What is real what
is imagined. I close my eyes.
Is it the time of my life
Or the hour of my death
I open my eyes.
And find the upright
grasped in her hand
I dozed off
while she
was vacuuming again.


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Publicado el: 24-08-2001
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